What Tools do You Need to Polish Your Car?

Polishing your car using car polisher is something most people that are serious or seriously proud of their vehicles do in order to give them that smooth and sleek look while minimizing paint damages and disguising spots and minor flaws. Of course to do this you need a certain set of tools, and throughout this small post we will go over the tools you need to polish your car to perfection.

Water and Car Cleaner:

This is the first step, and it’s a given, you’ll not polish a dirty or dusty car, as this is not only counter-productive but dangerous as well – serious damage might incur. So, never forget to give your car a profound wash before polishing it.


You will need wax because you’ll want to apply it profusely after polishing your vehicle – this will not only get rid of spots and marks, as it will mask paint flaws and the circular inconsistencies that result of polishing your car with a wheel polisher – it can make a big difference, so have this one on stock.

Wheel Polisher:

So, we talked about the wheel polisher – and you must have one for the best results. The wheel polisher is a machine that rotates a pad and heats up some components of the paint, turning them into a slimy coat that instantly gets solid covering for your car and therefore gives it a more shiny and uniform look. This machine is usually sold in auto-parts stores or hardware stores – it isn’t hard to find or maintain one, and it’s not that expensive.

Damp Pads:

You will need pads for your wheel polisher. There are a lot of people that use the same pads for a long period of time, and we don’t advise you to do this. Change your pad regularly; don’t change it weekly, annually or monthly – change it as soon as it looks that needs to be changed. If you notice inconsistencies while polishing or if your pad is visually damaged, then change it.


Caution is needed while polishing – to do it right and to do it properly – but caution is also needed because you can only polish your car once in a year if you don’t want to cause harm to the paint. The wheel polisher does an awesome job, but it also wears out your car’s paint. Polish the car too much and you’ll see that the paint will slowly feel it – and show it.

So, now you know what tools are needed in order to correctly polish your car… no excuses on why it isn’t polished now!