Taxi Top Digital Signs – How They Work

Using technology to make a profit has never been easier, since the start of time, man has always been looking for a solution, using the latest technology to achieve a result is essential in this current time of an economic down turn. We will try to explain how taxi top digital signs work. If you are an individual trader, corporate or government department we are happy to provide our signage Sydney services.

Well firstly you need is a weather proof taxi cab enclosure, this will house all the electronics including the two televisions, a wireless media player with all the necessary cables to control and feed the screens with content. These are then mounted to the roof of the cab on anti vibration mounts.

Once the content has been loaded onto the media player and the screens are wired, all you need now is power, the power leads exit the taxi cab topper and then enter the cab, the power is brought to the screens by each taxi cab having an onboard power inverter that fits into the cigarette lighter in the front of the taxi.

Now most of the time the cab is in traffic, it will be driving slowly, so here is an opportunity for the digital signage to work at it’s best, by grabbing the attention of pedestrians as they wait to cross the road. It works even better at airports whilst you are waiting in line for a taxi, you will for sure be watching the screens on the taxi roof.

Now here comes the clever part, when a taxi is called to a job they are contacted from dispatch who send them to the correct address, now you can be part of a wireless network that covers a city or you could even use 3G or GPS connectivity to update the content, by streaming fresh content to the media player using a wireless technology is one of the many ways in which content can be updated effortlessly. Click here to inquire for taxi signs.

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