Most Common Car Owners Question – Wax, Coating or Paint Protection Film?

Accidents cannot be avoided but when it is smashed with other vehicles your car paint will most likely remove but it can be fixed by car detailing port Melbourne. The coating is mostly preferred by the car owners over wax and paint protection films. The coating is more preferable because the Durability of coatings is higher than the waxes and paint protection film. Owners will definitely look for higher durability as everyone wants better protection for their cars. Another factor is Longevity of coating, also better than the wax and paint protection film. Longevity of the coating depends on quality.

The coating can be well maintained by regular washing. It can’t be done by self; its application requires professionals so that quality of work will be the best. it can be removed only by professionals so that no one can easily remove it. Though it’s costly compared to wax and paint protection film it’s beneficial so the coating is preferred over wax and protection films.

Coatings are new compared to waxes and paint protection film. They are usually made from ceramics. Various types of coatings are available in the market some of them are made from Silicon Carbide and some are from Silicon Dioxide. Some of them last for 2+ year and some last for 5+ years. Coatings are flexible in all environmental contaminants and reduce the scratches caused by washing and other external factors. The coating also protects from chemical deterioration.

Water can be an issue for some coatings; nowadays coatings are water resistant.

Coatings are resistant to water spotting but use deionized water for a car wash. Several coatings come with a warranty provided by the manufacturers of the coating.

ClearFx Ceramic Coating, AQuartz Titanium Coating, and Nano-Ceramic 9H Coating are available in markets which are mostly recommended by the installers as per customers choice. ClearFx Ceramic Coating, AQuartz Titanium Coating, and Nano-Ceramic 9H Coating are most trusted by the car owners.

Everything you need to know about Ceramic Coating

Your vehicle is a major investment and you should protect it. Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by the hand to the exterior of a Car. It creates a permanent or semi-permanent bond with car’s paint. It doesn’t require every few months as it doesn’t fade away or break down. it adds additional protection to your car’s exterior and helps to keep it looking like a new with minimal maintenance cost.


If a vehicle is often parked in sunlight, its paint will begin to oxidize, and the paint will be faded. A layer protects a vehicle’s paint from the sun’s Ultraviolet rays and reduces the amount of oxidization.


Chemical stains, another factor that affects car’s paint. By creating a chemically resistant surface, it keeps away acidic substance bonding to your car’s paint. Because of it, the car will be more resistant to staining and etching.


Ceramic coating is hydrophobic, it’s one of the most significant features. Hydrophobic compounds do not dissolve easily in water. This means that dirt will face more difficult to bond with the car’s paint, so dirt will be removed with less effort.


Ceramic coating enhances the gloss of the paint, increases the reflection of paint and adds depth & clarity of car’s paint.

Your installer will inspect your vehicle and according to requirements he will recommend which coating should be done on your vehicle. For more information, you may contact us or visit our site for more information and Get car coating accessories at the best prices from AutoFresh.

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