How to Spray Paint a Car: Safety

When learning how to spray paint a car, take special note of the safety precautions the same way in applying your car paint protection.  These can often be found with the paint and accessories themselves as the manufacturers are required to include them.  In addition, the local auto body store will have valuable safety tips and knowledge of the local laws regarding paint dispersal. This is very important as you will be dealing with dangerous chemicals that are harmful and possibly fatal if ingested in any way.

While learning how to spray paint a car, you will find that you are required to use a number of clothing items to insure that you are not exposed to harmful materials.  These include respirators, coveralls, and rubber gloves.  A protective hood can also be necessary if you are undertaking a large job.  You will have to decide if this is necessary as these hoods can be costly for the beginner or person on a budget. They are, however, the best ventilation system.

One should also not when painting a car that these paints and thinners are often highly flammable.  Make sure you do not expose these paints to open flame and ensure your home heating elements, like water heaters, are off if they are near your painting project. It is absolutely crucial that you do not smoke when painting a car as this can ignite your paint. In fact, pretty much no fire or high heat near your paint is the best way to go about it

Pollution is another consideration one must take into account when learning how to paint a car. Take heed of local laws regarding paint dispersal as many paint products have materials that the government has decided pollute the planet. A paint booth is a great way to ensure you abide by these laws, as they provide fantastic ventilation. Another consideration would be to purchase a High Volume Low Pressure spray paint system.  This system minimizes the amount of overspray, thus making the amount that disperses into the atmosphere smaller.

While these safety tips are a bit succinct, following them will ensure your body is not harmed. In addition, you will also be helping the environment by not contributing to pollution.  Painting a car can be fun and gratifying, and even more so if you follow theses safety tips.

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