How to care for and protect your car paint

Is there a way to keep your car looking like new, that you can do as a new car owner? Great question and the best answer is, yes. You can do a lot to protect the investment you have in your automobile. Breakthrough paint protection works as an invisible layer of armor over your car’s finish.

Here are a list of ways to ensure you keep that new car appeal, even if your only thinking of selling your car in five years time.

Car Paint Protection

The very first thing a prospective buyer of your vehicle in 5 years time is going to be impressed with, is the look of the paintwork and panels on your car. If they are in good shape, then the buyer will give you a closer look. Fail in this department and you will have very few people even wanting to take it for a test drive. So it makes perfect sense to consider new car paint protection, as a solid investment at the time of purchasing your vehicle. With the ability to tap into the very latest scientific advancements such as nanotechnology, you are able to lay down a foundation of protection, not previously available.

Now with products like, C-Quartz Pro and Ceramic Pro available in Australia, companies such as Eye Candy Detailing in Adelaide, are able to offer a far superior result that is not only long lasting but comes with a solid guarantee and warranty period that is going to leave most car buyers very satisfied.

Regular Maintenance

Once your prospect has decided that your shiny new-looking car is worth a closer look, the very next thing that is going to impress, is your car’s service history.

“Does it come with log books?” is a question anyone selling a secondhand car is likely to be asked and if the answer is yes, then your prospect of selling your car has become a lot stronger indeed. Not only does this car look the part but it comes with a full service history that details everything that has been done from regular interval services, at the correct milage, a full and complete list of work carried out along with relevant paperwork and invoices. What more could a secondhand car buyer be looking for?

Window Tinting

Interior protection is another worthy investment for your motor vehicles especially in the harsh summers and high UV temps around Adelaide. Temperatures inside a motor vehicle can soar close to 100 degrees in the middle of summer and this can be very damaging to a car’s interior dashboard, seating and carpets. Choosing a proper and professional window tinting solution for your car in and around Adelaide can be a daunting task, especially when you consider the difference in pricing from a range of installers.

One thing you will try as a young motorist, filled with the DIY, do-it-yourself enthusiasm only produced by a low budget and inexperience – is having a crack at doing your own car’s window tinting. I say this with tongue in cheek as I myself am guilty of such a feat and solemnly swore, to never attempt such a difficult task every again. Leave it to the experts who do this day-in and day-out. The problems that arise from a poor execution of car window tinting go well beyond what the average young motorist can possibly imagine.

So just how much can window tinting reduce heat inside your car? Another great question and here is the answer. If heat reduction is your aim, you need to ensure you choose a tint that has a high heat reduction rating and this is something a professional car window tinting company in Adelaide, such as can provide. Also if parking your car in direct sunlight it is best to add the best reflective windshield cover, to complete the heat reduction objectives and prolong the lifespan of your dashboard and car’s interior. This really can make a difference and at the time of selling your car, you will thank yourself for the extra effort you have gone to over the years, in making sure your car is an asset investment and not a liability.