Dynamic Outdoor Information With Digital Signage

Information and education are important aspects for many industries. Not only do many businesses need to inform staff member and members of the public about important information such as health and safety, information is vital in the entertainment industry.

Zoos, museums and theme parks often use signwriters Sydney to display facts and information but in a fast paced world, traditional sign posts with tid-bits of information about an exhibit is often not enough for today’s information hungry world.

Outdoor digital signage is a great method of providing customers with their information needs. Not only is it more dynamic, eye-catching and engaging than traditional information signs but when touch screens are implemented, this new signage can also be interactive.

There are downsides to implementing digital advertising for information purposes. By replacing information posts, signs and maps with digital signage there will be an extremely high initial outlay. However, much can be done to minimise initial expenditure, protect your investment and generate more of a chance of seeing a return on your investment (ROI).

One of the highest costs implementing outdoor digital signage, for any purpose, is protecting the screen from the rigours of the weather. Over recent years there has been a huge rise in the number outdoor TV devices on the market, however, despite their growing popularity they are still extremely expensive and with the right digital outdoor signage enclosure – unnecessary too.

A waterproof LCD enclosure (or plasma) will protect any standard device from the elements, allowing you to use standard TV devices outdoors. This can create dramatic savings, especially when there are multiple installs.

LCD enclosures used outdoors can also house touch screen devices making a truly dynamic interactive information point.

Outdoor digital signage is being used in zoos, theme parks museums and even high streets, in fact digital outdoor signage can be used anywhere where information has to be relayed to members of the public. Here’s our website to look for our signage collection.

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